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Hi, Guest! Do "Affiliate Marketing" earn Rs.50,000+ Monthly with GOOGLE Online Job, Part time Job, Work from Home / NetCafe / Office wherever you do just by using a Computer with Internet. We provide a fast & simple and latest methods, No Surveys - No Data entry - No MLM. No Time Period - No Targets - No Time Waste. Anybody can do it's easy. We are providing this Online Part time jobs since 12years (Govt.Regd). More Details AboutUs Click Here

Who wants to earn online income in their spare time, out of fast growing interNet, Job opportunities are many, you have to pick right one from them For that We will be providing you simple methods like email Marketing, Banner marketing Website Marketing, Offline Marketing, AdWords, etc.., according to the instructions in our CDs. Here we are providing one of leading and fast and easy online work named Affiliate Marketing, You get income in Dollars while you work Part Time with our  iNetCashincome CDs even, with a little knowledge of internet boy can understand our easy step by step training program and earn a big money doing it.

  What is actual work Name?
The actual work is online "Affiliate Marketing".

  What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is in simple terms is a mutual arrangement between you(an affiliate) and an online merchant and you are paid a fixed percentage or amount of commission set by the merchant for creating sales, leads or clicks and leading to merchant’s site. Basically, after joining an affiliate program every affiliate is assigned an affiliate url that contains an embedded tracking code to enable the advertiser or merchant to track where conversion is taking place.                                                                

  How it works?
Each link is assigned a commission, such as a fixed amount per lead or a percentage of a resulting on sale. Upon the publishers select and place the advertisers links on their e-mail Campaigns or in their Web sites or Blogs as part of search listings, according to the instructions in our CDs. When a consumer clicks on a publishers link, a cookie is set on the visitors browser that identifies the advertiser, the publisher, and the specific link and payment rates. When the visitor makes fills out a form, that transaction is tracked and recorded by Affiliate Service Provider Company. Upon recording the transaction, Affiliate Service Provider Company handles all of the collection and processing required ensuring fair and timely commission payment for the Publisher(you) and all of the administration and verification necessary to ensure quality sales and leads for the advertiser.

  How much I can earn for each work?
You can earn between $1 to $150 for each Action criteria like Click or Lead or  Download, or some times Sale you do. We have many categories of Advertisers[ 2900+ A - Z category ] to do this. Based on the category, the rate will vary. On an average, you can earn $5 approx for each Action you do.

  When will I get the payment and what is the mode of payment?
You will be paid on around 20th of every month for the previous month earnings. You will be paid only if your earnings are equal to or more than $100 minimum and maximum is unlimited. If it is less than $100 for a particular month, then the amount will be added to the next month earnings. Affiliate Service Provider COMPANY pays you by Check , direct to your address wherever you live in the world.

 How much time I need to work on Internet?
There are no hard and fast rules regarding the work. It depends on the understanding of the work. You can work at your convenient timings. But it is good at least you work 2 hours daily to earn a decent income or your convenience and don't blame us. It's purely part time Job and simply Work from Home.

  What is the Qualification to do this work?
No need Extra qualification. In fact, any person who is above 18yrs of age and possess Just basic Internet Browsing knowledge is enough to do this Home based work. Follow the instructions properly as given in i NetCash income CDs and success is just a matter of time. The Program can be done from any Computer which is connected to Internet anywhere across the globe. For your pack just ORDER NOW.

  Ok. I am eligible and Interested. How to Order i NetCash CDs?
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  Still not understanding? What is this?                                              

Affiliate marketing is an online advertising channel in which advertisers pay Publishers(you/me) for results, such as a visitor making a clicking or filling out a online form(lead), rather than paying simply to reach a particular audience. This is a pay-for-performance. The difference in the case of affiliate marketing is that making it a low-risk, high-reward environment for both You and Affiliate Service Provider company. For this work Affiliate Service Provider company provides advertising links to us with a unique code separately.   

This work is step by step instructions of Online and Offline based Income options, Promotional tools & Information of Part time work set in CD format, shows you all the steps and tricks which many successful Publishers or Affiliates followed to gain their financial freedom world wide. Our system gives you complete information to 'start your own' Part Time e-commerce Online Home based work, using a single computer system connected with internet. We tell you how many of 'our clients'  used the platform and base of some popular Portals of Affiliate Marketing Service Providers to generate big income, Month after Month. And they all done this, sitting in their home/office, with just a single PC connected to Internet around 1-2 hrs a day or 6-7 hrs a week at the maximum. See below our existing customers LATEST Cheque proofs using iNetCashincome.Com



Secretes Revealed: There are over billions of people   searching on GOOGLE per day. These searches are to find   some   Information, Downloads, Free Registration, Good Services and some sites for Online Purchasing etc...There are thousands of websites who provide such services, Products or anything, a net surfer is looking for something. Most Internet surfers could identify a Banner Ad, Text Ad, e-mails or Search Engines, but the majority could not tell you about Affiliate Marketing.

Our CDs explains you everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing Campaigns using various Modes(types), such popular cum powerful modes like e-mail Promotions, Banner Promotions, Website Promotions, Display Ads, Text Links, Product Links, Search-Linking and many more  Promotions to run your successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.  

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Let us understand the secrete in very Simple Words: Many Companies/Merchants/Advertisers do a lot of 'Promotional Work' or runs a lot of Campaigns on Internet from time to time in order to increase their popularity on online. Promotion can be anything, like a Brand Promotion where No Sale or No Purchase is involved.  Now there are millions of Websites on the Internet and no two sites are related to each other. To run a Campaign across the net, a company will have to Invest Crores of Rupees on Manpower, Office Space, Computer Systems which Adds a lot to its Fixed Overheads.  Instead of investing so much on Fixed Overheads for short duration Campaigns, these companies completely out source their work to People like You, Me & Us, who has some knowledge of Internet. 

Here We are No Buying or No Selling anything on behalf of these Companies, but simply taking their Promotional Links and placing it effectively on net. We get Our Share whenever someone Clicks on link provided by us and does some activity on these sites, like Free Joining, Free Registration, Free Information Download, or in a few cases makes some Purchase as desired by Merchant.


What is my Role?  FIRST You iNetCashincome product CD than do Registration it in Product Register page http://www.inetcashincome.com/Productregister.htm for Activation (Membership 14digit code number mentioned on the inetcashincome CD). After Activation your membership just follow guidelines Tips & Tricks as described in the CD pack and Become an Affiliate/Publisher for those websites/companies  like IBM, DELL, REAL PLAYER, POGO, HP, DISCOVERY, LOVE AND PRIDE, FRIEND FINDER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, MGM STORES, YAHOO, MONSTER, ALEXA, HSBC, GO DADDY, CITI BANK, NAUKRI.COM, SHAAD.COM around 2900+ Companies, and get  those Affiliate links and place the link in [ "-------" ] as low as within 5minits can do it by e-mail Marketing. Also You can place these companies Links anywhere on the net through  which has Millions of Visitors coming in for Search of Some Information on GOOGLE

A school going boy can do it's easy

Than you can check the Payment Statistics anytime on your Online Account which is maintained by (A.S.P) Affiliate Service Providers and No Charge will be collect from you for do all these. You get 'your share' whenever someone Clicks on the Link provided by you and does some activity on these sites, like Free Registration, Free Information Download or in a few cases makes Some Purchase. All you have to do is to take Links from these sites for free, place these on GOOGLE and switch off your Internet or PC. There is no need for you to be on Internet or in front of Your PC. The whole system is automated and professionally managed by (A.S.P) Affiliate Service Provider COMPANY which sends you Pay Cheques. 

i NetCash CDs will tell you everything how this work will done and how the Payment can receive. Also all the important TIPS and TRICKS and Registration Id, 365 days service will be provided to you at no Extra cost. Only for just Rs.1550 ONLY. Limited period offer.

Yes, this is quickly proving to be one of the best Money Making Opportunities On Online. I NetCash Product shows you complete procedure how to earn Dollars in easy Steps...

            The Market is Huge, and there is incredible Potential! 


For a mere amount, we pass on this information  to you in one very easy to follow Package with all the Joining and Registration Links provided along with it. Above that we give you Cash On Delivery (COD) Which means "Pay only when you get the Package delivery at your place. We are charging very low amount for the support and information and 365 days service we will be Passing on to you. You can ask your copy now Click Here Above  that we give you an Online Support ID, and will try our best to sort all your Post Sales Doubts and issues, if at all there are any. Everything you need to know is in the I Netcash e-book (CD format). Get i NetCash now                                         Testimonials                                            Order Now











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